Twitter experience

I've been quite reluctant to get involved in social media ... I did not see the need, when you already participated actively in the discussions in many forums.

I did not like Facebook when it has entered the market and I paid attention mainly to its security problems...

Then came TWITTER ...

A friend marketed Twitter to me 3 years prior to the 1 ½ years ago when I finally joined as @HeikkiOjala.

My time is sensed and practiced I realized:

Twitter is a really powerful media ... a lot more effective than normal forums.

With Twitter you can get your messages to the attention of your followers everywhere in the world away and distribution is expanded when someone retweets.

To my delight ...

Twitter has increased the number of visitors to my sites foe example specialist 'watches at technology' section has been viewed almost 30 000 times.

Twitter has increased the awareness about a small town watchmaker / photographers / pc repairman / Drupal, and open source Linux-mentor / backwoods philosopher.

Twitter has made it possible to have 10 000 follower friends from all over the world, with whom I can discuss trade and other things. Also many of my followers have became good friends.

Twitter is nice and efficient, I recommend it!

A Humble THANK YOU TO ALL TWITTER friends - you have given me a lot!